Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Lauren, Ajax Ontario

I met Andrew about 2.5 years ago when I was first interested in purchasing a home. Ive been talking back and forth with him all this time and Andrew has answered every single question and email I sent him in depth. When it was time for him to go to the table he went above and beyond. I can't say enough nice things about him. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I will continue to use his expertise in the future and recommend to anyone that is looking to buy or interested in starting their research into the home buying process. He exceeded all my expectations and throughout the process he was always keeping in touch making sure everything was going smoothly and if I needed any help to to just ask. A++++++++++ service. Thank you so much Andrew!

By: Hamida Patel, Toronto

Working with Andrew has been a pleasure, every time we work with him he surprises us with his excellent skills and the amount of time he dedicates with his client is outstanding. We would always be willing to work with him and recommend him to all of our friends and family. He always thinks in client best interest and would always deliver great results.

By: Aislynn George, Ajax

At the time of meeting Andrew we were not quite ready to purchase, but he still kept in contact with us and checked in about every other season to see how things were going. We appreciated this as it helped us stay abreast of our goal to purchase a property. Andrew really helped make this a fun and exciting experience. He was upfront, helpful, amicable and patient with our many questions and insecurities. He really helped us progress through the process at a nice pace. We did not feel any pressure or distrust from or towards him at all; he was respectful and accommodating to our family and friends that accompanied us at viewings. Lastly, he was definitely there to represent us and help us as best as he could from early morning to late night messages. We are very grateful to have met him and to have him as our Real Estate agent.

By: Ida Djedje, Etobicoke

Andrew was always on time, make suggestion. The best point I liked working with him is that he never push you to do any thing you don't want to. He will always advice: ' No rush, take your time. I want you to be happy because buying a house is a huge investment'

By: Lauren and Nathan from Ajax

Andrew had helped us buy our 1st home. We wanted to move again to our dream home and neighborhood. It all started when we just decided out of the blue to visit an open house. I even said i'm not sure we would be able to sell our house fast enough. We had a newborn baby at home and even thinking of moving a 4 bedroom house was stressful. Not to mention everything involved to get our house ready to show. He took the reigns and made everything possible in super speed time. It was an exciting and enjoyable experience. Not the least bit stressful at all. He has excellent negotiating skills and because of all his hard work we were able to move into our dream home. I can't thank him enough. He isn't just our realtor. He is a friend who has helped us with a few real estate transactions. We will always use his services and recommend him!

By: Eluzabeth Lennox

Andrew Shevtsov was very knowledgeable on the real estate in the area and gave me a list of similar properties.He responded immediately to any questions I had and was always on time to meet us at the property. He helped the home inspector, enabling the inspection process go smoothly and efficiently. Andrew has many good contacts especially lawyers and trades people that he can recomend. Andrew Shevstov is well mannered and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend him!

By: Sharon Thomas Scarborough

Andrew was always professional and helpful. He kept in touch regularly even after the sale.

By: Harry, Pickering, ON

Andrew was quite consistent in communication and follow-ups. Very friendly and motivating and punctual for setting up viewings and gathering information. Andrew seems to be very honest and transparent for the requested information.Great guy to work with!!

By: Kaylee G., Oshawa

Andrew Shevtov was amazing helping us buy our first house! He was always helpful found out information we couldn't find. He was very good at finding houses that had what we wanted in areas that we liked. During our closing, there was an issue between the bank and our lawyers but Andrew was there to give us information to help us along. Andrew is also very approachable and professional. I would strongly recommend for anyone to use Andrew. I don't think we would have made a house purchase without him!

By: Jane and Ron de Guzman of Whitby, Ontario

Andrew was very helpful in addressing all our needs and requirements (even the feng shui related ones). He was always very patient in answering all our questions and explaining it in a manner we understand.

By: Ronald, Whitby

What can I say about Andrew - just that, we will definitely stick with him. He has helped us in both aspects, selling and buying. His positive attitude is infectious (not a good word nowadays, but it is the best description I can think of). His knowledge about the market is superb. He will always make time for you and answer all your questions. You'll feel like your always the priority among his client list.Andrew is the only person we trust with our most expensive purchase. Until the next transaction :)

By: Gennadiy Feiman, Amherstview, Ontario

I got lucky that I met and hired Andrew Shevtsov as my realtor.At the current situation on the housing market, there is a lot of buying/selling and the realtors are extremely busy, which makes them tired and behave less nicely than in a normal situation.Andrew, on the other hand, is a very outgoing, smiley and pleasant person. It looks like he has all the time in the world for only one customer - you.He is very professional and knowledgeable and will do above and beyond of what he actually has to do.Among other things (except for the sale of my previous home and the purchase of the new one), he managed to provide me with a deposit loan, negotiated the use of the garage in the new house (prior to the closing date) as storage, so I wouldn't have to move everything at once, and now (a month-and-a-half after the closing date) he still helps me with various things (including mail to the old address, which Canada Post was paid to transfer to the new address, but failed).I wish the service everywhere were at least 20% as good...

By: Brian & Laurel Bell

We would highly recommend Andrew Shevtsov. We usedAndrew to both buy a new home and sell our existing home. Ourfirst step was to find a home we would really enjoy as we age.He was extremely helpful and patient throughout this multimonth process. When we found the house we really wanted heprovided good advice and his quick action allowed us to besuccessful.When it came time to sell, he provided a great stager, paintersand a home inspection. We received multiple offers and thehouse sold in 5 days, well above list price.Andrew's experience gives him confidence that takes thepressure off and makes him reassuring to deal with. He is astrong negotiator and maintains cordial and professionalrelationships with the other agents. Andrew worked hard for usthroughout the process, right up to the last details of closing.Working with Andrew was a pleasure and we would highlyrecommend him!

By: Anonymous

My sister and I are very grateful we chose Andrew to be our realtor for our first home purchase. He is superb at his job!! He assisted us from start to finish to make sure we found the right home to fit our needs in a very short period of time. He made our experience very painless and provided us with the information we needed along the way to make our sale smooth and easy. Andrew has also supported us with advertising/marketing for the swift lease of our condo. I highly recommend Andrew and would definitely hire him for future home investments.