By: Andrew Shevtsov

January 2023 GTA Housing Market Update: Resilient Market, Context, and Opportunity.

Tags: Toronto Housing Market, GTA Housing Market, Toronto Real Estate, Buying Homes In Toronto

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0:00 - Happy New Year Intro
1:47 - IMPORTANT: All Toronto property owners must submit a declaration....
3:21 - December 2022 numbers and CONTEXT!!!
6:13 - Very important truth about "cheaper" properties, and why they go up.
8:04 - How different cities' prices fared; Toronto winning!
10:30 - Monthly stats, yearly stats, and more context!
13:25 - Average prices over the past 3 years.....PLEASE pay attention, especially you perpetual price complainers.
16:17 - Rental market is on FIRE!
16:39 - Inflation: a quick, global perspective.
17:37 - Summary: sky's not falling, opportunity exists (especially for two types of people,) expect a normal year.

Link to declaration that ALL Toronto home owners need to submit before Feb 2, 2023:

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